ARE WE SAVED? : Understanding the Five Elements of Salvation

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A corpse would sooner come out of a grave and walk! The reason the Gentiles in Acts 13 believed is they were ordained to do so.

Things Essential to Salvation: Grace, Faith, Works, Baptism?

God not only sees what will happen in the future, but also ordains it. The Bible clearly teaches that God sovereignly chooses people. It includes both foresight and foreordination. That is heretical. In eternity past, He predetermined to have a love relationship with you—He predestined your salvation. The calling is when God moves into your life on this earth, within the boundaries of time. Foreknowledge and predestination describe what happened in eternity past.

If God predetermined a love relationship with us and foreordained our salvation in eternity past, then He will fulfill it by moving into our lives.


As I mentioned earlier, you are not saved because of something you did but because of what God decided. What happens when God calls us? He moves in us and convicts our hearts. He draws us away from sin and toward the Savior. That is the reason we are secure in our salvation.

We were saved to be like Christ and to be part of a redeemed people that will exalt His holy name. No one can lose his salvation; all things are continually overruled by God to work for our ultimate glory. It was for this He called you through our gospel, that you may gain the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

There is no way of knowing why God chose you or me. The sin in your life must be removed.

God must take your sin and put it on Christ Romans — When He moved into your heart and called you to Himself, you were made right with Him. That would be like asking how much time it takes for a bullet to go through two stacked sheets of paper. You are called to be justified. The calling is when God moves to change your heart, and justification is the result. Since God predetermined to love you, redeem you, call you away from your sin, and make you right with Him through your faith in Christ, the next step is glorification.

Did you notice that statement is in the past tense? Your glorification is so secure that God speaks of it in the same tense that He spoke of your salvation. And your salvation is so secure that He used the same tense to speak of your calling, justification, and predestination. The moment He predetermined to love you, your glorification was so secure that He could speak of it as if it had already happened.

You were saved for glory, and all things are working toward that end. You will glorify and praise Him forever. Before the world began, God predetermined to set His love on you and foreordained your salvation. In time, He moved into your heart and called you away from your sin. He made you right with Himself through Jesus Christ, and destined you to be glorified. That is the security of the believer. Copyright by John MacArthur.

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7 Proofs Your Salvation Is Eternally Secure

Play Audio. Play via Sermon App. This article is also available and sold as a booklet. Buy the Booklet. Print PDF Email. Please contact the publisher to obtain copies of this resource. Publisher Information. Download MP3. A righteous judge can never require a debt to be paid twice.

God is bound by His righteousness to honor the price Christ paid for us. Psalms tells us that righteousness and justice are the foundation of His throne. If God wants His throne to stand, He must act in accordance with His righteousness. Because our salvation is secured by the righteousness of God, He cannot take His salvation from us. Praise Him for His righteousness! Moreover, we were begotten of God.

Like most children, we may be weak, fail, or need discipline. We also sin, just as our children misbehave. But we cannot say that their misbehaving makes them no longer our children. Our sinning cannot undo the fact that we are children of God. But it is impossible for us to be snatched away. No one and nothing is stronger than God. Even if we try to remove ourselves from His hands, He will never let us go. Everything changes—people, circumstances, governments, the weather.

Even our own emotions change constantly; we can be up one minute and down the next. We repent when we turn away from all sin and self-will. We exercise faith by turning to God in complete reliance on His saving grace! Faith is something that happens in our heart, but this inward faith is meant to be expressed with the mouth.

Both faith and confession are related to the salvation that God provides. No one should doubt that God is the ground of salvation and Christ is the mediator of salvation, but we must not overlook the place that baptism has in this event. This is not to suggest that either faith or baptism is meritorious, but they relate us to the very One who is salvation. When we believe inwardly and repent , we will express this outwardly in the meaningful act of baptism.

We must not overlook an element of salvation even though many do overlook it. The Hebrew writer puts it this way: Eternal salvation comes to the one who obeys Jesus! Although we must believe and obey God to be saved, it is true also that we are not saved on the basis of our response of obedience or deeds. This is a distinction that must be kept in mind. This is not the way it is. Christ not only saved us at a point of time in the past, but He continues to save us day by day. Jesus saves forever through His intercession for us!

We know that some people would say that our salvation merely depends on a momentary, once-for-all act of faith. However, Scripture would go beyond this. Who will be saved? The one who endures or perseveres to the end will be saved see also Mark If one does not endure, what does that say about the salvation that he or she once knew and experienced? Our fait must endure if we would be saved! If Jesus had only died or only died and resurrected, this would not affect our salvation.

We personally are benefitted by these saving acts when the message of the crucified and risen Christ is communicated to our heart and mind.

How Are We Saved By The Free Gift Of Salvation(Rom 5:15KJV)? - From a Non - Denominational Christian

And everyone who has this hope in Him purifies himself through practical sanctification, during the present age — just as the Lord Jesus Christ is pure. There is only one salvation, which is a gracious gift of God — accessed by faith alone.