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Job If only Job were tried to the utmost for answering like a wicked man.

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  • Does God Really Answer Prayer? Yes, in Four Ways?
  • Stop asking either/or questions.;
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Learn how to think like God thinks View All Articles. Thank You! Prayer request submitted.

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Learning to Recognize Answers to Prayer

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    When God's Timing Is Taking Too Long

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    Mexico’s New Leader Faces Clash With Trump Over Migrant Caravan

    Three easy steps to start your free trial subscription to Bible Gateway Plus. Create or log in to your Bible Gateway account. By the time the caravan had made it to Baja California, other such groups were also heading north through Central America and Mexico. In all, the caravans carried around 8, migrants to the border, with most ending up in Tijuana. Local and state officials, aided by civil society groups, scrambled to accommodate them , opening a temporary migrant shelter in a sports complex that quickly filled beyond double its intended capacity.

    While local and state officials openly criticized the federal government for not providing humanitarian assistance and money in the early days of the crisis, the federal migration bureaucracies responded quickly to provide the migrants with speedy access to the Mexican asylum process and other forms of relief.

    In recent days, the lines have been long at the temporary center in Tijuana where state and federal agencies have been helping the migrants apply for legal status in Mexico and register for jobs. The government has offered the migrants two options: They can apply for asylum or for a humanitarian visa, which is good for one year and is renewable. Applicants for asylum can legally work while their petitions are being processed, and the humanitarian visa also comes with a work permit. As of a week ago, more than Central Americans associated with the caravans had received humanitarian visas and more than had applied for asylum in Mexico, the federal government reported.

    The rate at which migrants were applying to legalize their migration status increased significantly last week after American border patrol agents used tear gas to turn back hundreds of migrants who had broken away from a protest march and rushed toward the border, officials said. For many of the migrants, the humanitarian visa option has seemed more attractive because, unlike asylum, it allows them more flexibility in where they can live. In addition, processing times are far faster: The authorities are promising to process applications for the visas within two weeks.

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