Budding Bromance: Illicit Showers in the Dorm (First Time Gay Erotica)

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And how powerful is this once-silent army of readers in the fight for equality?

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I was a little conflicted whether or not I could use that format for this book, it is after all not fiction, or is it? This book reads as, and I believe is intended to be, informative and educational. I think I can make it work well here. I need to give a caveat for reviewing this book. I think there is. I'm now allowed to use the word cock. That's the difference between a textbook and a sex book!

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He strikes me, both online and in print, as someone who is light-hearted, genuine, humorous and motivated. Well all that's about to change. When I say that, here, I found my friends, I mean to say that these are women I would love to meet, know and learn from. The diversity of these women is terrific. Some are like me; married with children and well over Some are very young to me , single and may never want children. Others fall in between. I was delighted to find honest, articulate, fresh, strong and passionate women who were able to express what I personally have had a hard time putting my finger on.

From business women, to stay-at-home moms, to deeply religious to equality advocates, I found a group that I can identify with because of their open minds. This could be a book about women finding a passion, and trying to find the freedom and confidence to express that passion with others. Or, this could be a book about women who love men and ALL the sexiness that they are.

Why Straight Women Love Gay Romance

This might be a book about advocacy and agendas. It could also be a book about a man, a gay man, who has been taken advantage of by a movement of women. I love smart women. What I really think this book is about will be up to you. Oh, let me tell you honey, these women will tell you why.

There is also something here for men. For the husband trying to understand his wife which is funny to me because so often the women reading these books are trying to understand men. Also, for the gay man who needs to know that there is an army of women out there that care about them and are interested in understanding their lives better.

By way of interview questions you learn a good bit about each one and easily find those you will identify with most.

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I found myself paying a little more attention to those women who seemed most like me, at first. The book continues the interview process but with specific questions related to the topic. I really connected with this one. There could be a tendency to want to read this as a manual. Flipping back and forth between those women you, a know from reading their books or blogs, or b jumping ahead to read a specific comment by someone you earlier identified with. I would suggest you refrain from this, at least, for the first read.

First, my kindle made that a little difficult to do. I found most all the viewpoints and comments valid. For me, this book answered many, many questions. Thank you Geoffrey, you made this a fun and enlightening journey.

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View all 49 comments. Oct 22, Sunne rated it really liked it.

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Okay - it was a funny read and very entertaining. I wonder if J. What I really liked about the book was that a gay man took his time to ask. So - Okay - it was a funny read and very entertaining. So - I loved when Geoffrey Knight wrote how these women will educate their children to better and toleranter people.

That is just so right.

beaucalllorevi.ga Same with the hightening awareness of the problems of LGBT people. I found myself in some of the stories and I'm glad I read the book. View all 5 comments. Mar 22, Kindle Alexander rated it it was amazing Shelves: mm-brilliant. A fun, insiteful book by a brilliant author. I raise my hand to JR Ward too. We're here because of her.