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(Pseudo) Scientific Strategies for Trick-or-Treating Like a Beast

From the toothpaste, hygiene items, and the snacks, I can tell you none of it went to waste. How did Operation Gratitude get started? What goes in our Care Packages and what makes them so special?

Donate Get Involved. Ship a Care Package Get Involved. We need your help to deliver 75, holiday care packages in Operation Gratiude is gearing up for its biggest Holiday Care Package season ever!

Katy Perry - Roar (Official)

Only Days until Christmas! Got a hankering for something a little bit sweet and a little bit tart? No gluten?

No problem! Make these Gluten Free Pop Tarts, our all-time favorite breakfast food, that are sure to bring smiles to your breakfast table! I remember the day that I was told I could no longer eat gluten very, very well. Being somebody that just loves her carbs, I was pretty upset about the….

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This gluten free ice cream sandwich recipe is sweet and satisfying! My January was taken over by a sudden and…. Perfectly sweet, this simple recipe whips up in minutes and is a strawberry lovers dream! When I was a kid my mom and dad sat my sister and me down and asked if we would like a pony. I want to make music that makes people feel some sort of bliss.

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I actually have something to say. To strive for fame, I think, is dark. Sia just wants to make art, and luckily she has found a way around certain aspects of fame by using the element of mystery to convey her message. In the 90s, Gorillaz had an animated version of the same idea, but no one has done the real-time real life mystery persona until now.

Be mindful of mindless addictions

The way that Sia has utilised her platform, worked the media, worked pop music — it has never been done before. I find that very inspiring. She found a way to make the music she wants to make, and the visuals she wants to make. She kind of plays every role for me: a sister, a mother, a teacher.

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I look up to her. To ask whether there are any qualities or talents of hers that have gone unnoticed or underappreciated is a good question.