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He doesn't count on falling for Domino, his alluring target. Or falling into the middle of the murderous design she's a part of--involving a hot presidential candidate, the shadowy multimillionaire who's backing The murder of a beloved lord created outrage as much as mass slaughter set the world's stage. Four kings against an emperor soon erupted, followed by the openly tyrannical confronting the secretly corrupted. Bewildered brave men marched behind their shield, fighting depraved souls on a golden field. No match against abominations tearing the world asunder, their swords were unable to vanquish their never-ending hunger.

Hollow were the cheers as the Crystal Saga had begun.

Dreadful the silence when its course had been run. There's music, and there's madness They come from nowhere. Nobody knows why they're doing it. Nobody knows who's sending them - and nobody knows who's going to be their next victim The orbs are attacking, and their deranged, supernatural music is unravelling minds, hurling people over the edge and down into insanity.

Folk singer Michaela Lockhart doesn't understand her uneasy relationship with the orbs but it seems to be protecting her - until one day she finds out just how wrong she's been about that. She has no choice but to flee into the wild, dangerous and empty countryside beyond Brighton where she discovers just how deeply mired in the horror she really is.

She's forced to confront astonishing secrets about herself, and her music, that propel her headlong into a conflict with an ancient and unstoppably powerful entity. Saving humanity is all well and good; but for Micky, it's personal Miss October's best friend Sindy Boyle is the youngest daughter of the victim and she has been framed by her eleven devilish siblings for the slaying of their evil father. The vital clue to solve the case is known only by notorious starlet Dy-Ann Lovechild who was murdered three years ago by a psycho stalker.

Miss October and the Fisher's raise the dead girl to life and then turn the blue bloods of tinsel town upside down before the high society wedding of Sindy to Dr. Cruz Whitewater. Angels of light, totem spirits of Native American Indians and mythical devils from a cathedral, a haunted mansion, a celebrity insane asylum, and an ancient cemetery try to assist or destroy Miss October's destiny in Hollywood.

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A spiritually immersive story about survival and belief, relationships, and the wilds of the natural world. The author creates a world that you can connect with in a spiritual way - whether with the cultures, beings, or nature. Huston's gentle persona gives the reader a unique perspective in this fantasy adventure, and I appreciated experiencing the tale from his thoughtful viewpoint.

It gave a different perspective on what some pioneers may have gone through in the past and I enjoyed the subtle historical connections. I can't wait for the next one! The story moves quickly and the characters are complex and interesting. A fantastic summer read sure to leave you thinking about your place in the world. Paul Ambrose is a retired clinical psychologist who lives in Clarkesville, Georgia.

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He resides in an antebellum plantation house out in the woods that he simply calls "The Old Rock House. He resolved to stay out of his profession and secret himself away. That's when Amanda Green, a former client also a published biographer and author of historical fiction, knocks on his door. She's come to ask him how it is that she has known him for almost two decades, and he still looks to be about 55 years old - why all of the owners of his home over the past hundred years have all looked exactly like him.

Paul surprises himself when opens up to her. The story is not at all what she expected. As she sits across from him taking notes and recording his voice, he lays out his secret history. He walks her through a tale that extends through three centuries of history, and a Burning Central Coven Book 2 by K. Their sophomore year brings new hope for the normal lives they all crave, and a second chance at lost love. Their hopes are shattered when ritualistic murders reminiscent of the Inquisition threaten to expose the existence of the supernatural world.

The fine folks of Blastborn have just had their first murder in over years and some say it's a precursor to war. Arabeth thinks it's bigger. Working as a bail enforcement Tracker in order to have someone test her gadgets crosses no ethical lines, as far as Arabeth is concerned. Besides, she can't be the only one who sees the threat at hand.

An automaton has invaded their peaceful little city, and an invisible force has turned its citizens against each other causing deadly acts of violence. When her cousin is murdered, Arabeth becomes determined to track down the hand behind this unprecedented violence. Calling in family favours and using her status to persuade gatekeepers isn't something she is comfortable with, but no one else sees what she sees.

Plans for catching an unseen assailant are hard to explain and harder for others to accept. If she doesn't, no one is safe, but if she does, she may have to marry the next Up, Up and Away! When an unconventional scientific discovery happens in a little garden shed in the U. What if you could turn off gravity? Well, maybe divert it a bit, or absorb some? That's exactly what geek Stephen Corser figures out. And now there's just a few details that stand between his ragtag group of friends and space, the final frontier.

They have a big dream, the freedom of space for anyone who could make something airtight and strap on a Widget. No government control, no corporations selling space an inch at a time. There's only a few problems standing in their way like locating a private island, dodging the government, SEAL teams and Venezuelan gangsters. Hold on to your shipping container, because Pigs are going to fly! Rula: It's an ancient game, preserved for generations within the noble family. In , Philip, the patriarch, wants to allow other hand-selected outsiders to participate.

Five people attend a masquerade party and agree to play the game.

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One of them, however -- a magician who wears the matador's costume -- has figured out a way to cheat. He is sure he will come out the winner of the game. There are five priceless items to find, and he intends to find -- and keep -- them all. A love inspired Christian Fiction Series that is packed full of sweet romance, suspense, and inspiration.

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If you love clean and wholesome romance with HEA, you'll find it all in these six novels where love abounds and good friends await. Will she make the right choice by running into the waiting arms of Trent? Now that she's been given a second chance, will she realize all her dreams or play it safe?

When Grace's husband is killed in action, she gets the surprise of her life - a precious baby girl, Daniella. With her daughter's life hanging in the balance, will she take a leap of faith to manifest her dreams or play it safe? A Golden Quill finalist for best hot romance!

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Alex is a mystery: Secretive. Way too hot for his own good. I'm an artist just trying to make it as a potter, and why he wants me, I don't know. I'm starting over in this beautiful beach town, and saying "yes" to him is part of the adventure.

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Until yes becomes something more. My new artist friends are quirky and cool.

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My teacher is alarmingly obnoxious. I'm working hard to get into the big juried exhibition. And I keep losing myself in Alex's arms.