Mr. President, What is Wrong With You???

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I said, "We're going to put tariffs on and we're going to either have a deal or not. We agreed in one day. The border's working out well. And the wall is being built. I mean, a lot of people don't like to talk about it. We're building the wall. We will have miles of wall built by the end of next year and that's hard because the Democrats don't want to approve it.

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We just beat them in a big lawsuit, as you know, in Washington, in D. We just beat them in a very big lawsuit. No, because the people are coming up because our economy is so good. They're pouring up because the economy is so good. Obama had a lousy economy. It was a dead economy. Your economy is great. I'm not saying it's not great.

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But this recovery started and in the 28 months that you've been president and the last 28 months of Obama's presidency, he averaged more new jobs than your first 28 That's because he started off with a, with such a bad base. I mean, he hit Yeah, but Chuck, you have to understand, nobody was working. The whole place was a disaster. He also had a Federal Reserve person who kept the interest rates low. I don't. I don't have that privilege. I mean No, no, I have the right to do that. But I haven't said that.

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That's ridiculous. What he's done is he raised interest rates too fast. I think the economy's so strong we're going to bull through it.

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But I'm not happy with his actions. No, I don't think he's done a good job. I think this, if he didn't raise rates Obama had very low rates. So Obama was playing with funny money. I wasn't. I'm playing with the real stuff. Wait, wait. Obama had somebody that kept the rates very low. I had somebody that raised the rates very rapidly. Too much.

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  • He made a mistake. That's been proven. And yet my economy is phenomenal. We have now the best economy, maybe in the history of our country. One -- just to finish off, when I took over, this country, the economy was ready to collapse. You take a look at the numbers. It was ready to collapse. And if I didn't win Excuse me. Take a look at your GDP, take a look at your jobs, take a look at your optimism. Take a look at all of the charts. When I took over from election day on, I mean, you show me one chart which, where I did Take a look at some of the optimism charts and everything else.

    It went from 57 to Nobody's ever seen anything that You were always hard on Obama. You thought he wasn't enough of a cheerleader. I would say if I had one do over, it would be, I would not have appointed Jeff Sessions to be attorney general. That would be my one You have to understand, Roy Cohn, but I had many, many lawyers.

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    I mean, a lot of lawyers. Roy was one of them. He was a tough guy.

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    Bill Barr is a -- First of all, Bill Barr He's a fine man. The job he's done is incredible. He's brought sanity back. You know, he loves the Department of Justice. He saw what was happening. He has done a spectacular job. Now he's in the process of doing something and I stay away from it. I really, I stay away from it.

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    But I think he feels that what's happened in this country was a very bad thing and very bad for our country. I want to ask what's going down with the, these, the children in these migrant camps. The stories are horrible, Mr. You have children without their parents. You have kids taking care of kids. I know people are coming to you. I know you think this is the Democrats' problem. They're in terrible shape down there, Mr. And President Obama built the cages. Remember when they said that I built them? And then it was Separation, President Obama, I took over separation. I'm the one that put it together. What's happened though are the cartels and all of these bad people, they're using the kids.