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More than 30 towers still stand from Moorish times. The Great Mosque for which the city was first put on the Unesco list was converted into a a cathedral in the 13th century.

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This mosque turned cathedral features breathtaking rows of arches and columns made of onyx, marble and granite. It also boasts Spain's first Gothic cathedral and the famous "hanging houses", built dangling from cliffs over a river.

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Yes, there is in fact more to Ibiza than parties, parties and more parties. Unesco recognized the island for its biodiversity and culture in , noting that it supports "a diversity of marine life" and also notes its historic buildings like the Phoenician ruins of Sa Caleta. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. From an amphitheatre to an intricate water supply system, the city offers a great glimpse into the ancient past. Another former Roman settlement, Salamanca also has one of Europe's oldest universities, which had become a respected educational institution by The Plaza Mayor is also an impressive sight and a "unique artistic achievement," according to Unesco.

This city on the island of Tenerife was a model for many colonial towns in the Americas.

It has also been called the "Florence of the Canary Islands" because of its numerous churches, convents and historic buildings. Located in the northwestern region of Galicia, Santiago de Compostela is a famous pilgrimage site. It was destroyed by Muslim groups in the 10th century and had to be completely rebuilt. But the city now is "one of the world's most beautiful urban areas," according to Unesco. Its rich monumental heritage, formed by churches, convents and university buildings, gives us a glimpse of life in Castilia during the Spanish Golden Age.

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  • Behind the city walls of this Castile-Leon capital there is a valuable set of churches and Renaissance palaces. Declared of historic and artistic importance, Baeza is home to an incredible legacy of Renaissance architecture.

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    More than ten towers dominate the historic quarter of Caceres, delimited by Arab walls. Cordoba is situated in the interior of Andalusia where past and modernity blend in together. Ibiza contains within its Renaissance walls an interesting legacy from all the different cultures that populated it. Ouro Preto's religious architecture has a strong presence in the city, and is adorned with ceiling paintings, stonework, and gold details.

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    Here it is possible to find exemplars of 16th-century heritage, unique tiles from the 18th and 19th centuries, and neoclassic and eclectic buildings dating from the early 20th century. Among them is the Carmo church, burned by the Dutch but rebuilt with its original characteristics. The construction of the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Congonhas began in The construction of the sanctuary forms six chapels.

    Considered a masterpiece of Baroque architecture, it was built by Aleijadinho and Manoel da Costa Athayde. Salvador has remained a vital location in Brazil even after Rio de Janeiro took its title capital and economic center in An icon of Brazilian modern architecture, Brasilia was inaugurated on April 21, , three and a half years after the construction of the monumental city designed by Lucio Costa had begun.

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