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Preview — Rhiana by Michele Hauf. Gifted with the instincts of a dragon, Rhiana Tassot, forbidden by the lord of St. Renan to use her talents to defend her home from the beasts, is plunged into a conflict that exposes a long-buried secret linked to her past. Get A Copy.

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Paperback , pages. More Details Changelings 3. Other Editions 9. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Rhiana , please sign up.

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Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Oct 08, Alastar rated it really liked it. I found the book to be rather interesting, The concept and main character were rather intriguing. Of course I didn't know it was book 3 of a series I may try to find the the first 2 to read. Nov 09, Sarri Morin rated it it was amazing Shelves: caught-my-interest , definately-enjoyed. I really enjoy Michele Hauf!

She is a very talented writer and she always takes me to a new world. In this book, I enjoyed reading about Rhiana, and going back to an old world.

I really enjoyed reading about the fiery red-headed girl who challenged everyone, even the king! She can fight and scale mountain cliffs.

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This book has excitement and glory all through it. If you like fantasy and excitement then this is a must read! Enjoy, I know did I really enjoy Michele Hauf! Enjoy, I know did! Jul 25, Synia rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Good, a little too long, would have been better with a hundred or two pages cut out. Apparently this is part of a series, which I could not tell from the cover? A deadly s Alexis Conner, princess of the Alpine pack and pureblood werewolf, hides a painful secret -- she has never shifted.

If she can't shift, she can't mate, and so Lexi resigned herself to a lifetime of loneliness.

Victor LaValle on Changelings, Literary Horror, and Racist Book Reviewers

But then a stranger arrives, and Lexi se Everyone needs a break sometimes, especially during the summer. After all, what's more relaxing, and more romantic, than a midnight stroll through Paris?

Or the way the moon reflects off the ocean? And if your mesmerizing, sexy date happens to be rea With every good deed done, and helping hand offered, we are making the world a better place. The ded While investigating the vicious werewolf blood games, vampire Revin Parker struggles with his attraction to the faery informant, Sabrina Kriss.

Six months earlier she had cursed him with an addiction to faery dust. Can they risk the desire that deman The legacy he must obey The child she must save The man who threatens to fulfill her every fantasy Alpha wolf Ridge Addison left his wife in Las Vegas, vowing to put their one reckless night of passion behind him a One opening paragraph, six unique stories What if you gave six authors the same opening paragraph and let their imagination fly?

Experience the variety Harlequin romance h Parish -- thief, vampire and witch -- needs to steal a Council device to retrieve her father's soul. Unfortunately for her, fire demon Cinder is equally determined to get it back and is hot on her trail Even during the heat of the chase, This collection of novellas features paranormal pairings romance readers will pine for.

Vampires, demons, werewolves, faeries and even a mermaid will satisfy the darkest of cravings. All they want for Christmas is you It's the time of year for twinkling lights on trees and kisses under the mistletoe. Yet the passing of another year means nothing to the stunning immortals who lurk in the shadows of the new-fallen snow.

As a muse, Cassandra Stevens had been warned of the Fallen angel who'd one day come to impregnate her with a nephilim, an evil offspring. But no one could have foreseen that Samandriel -- the raven-haired, silver-winged Fallen one -- would sweep her Vicomte Gabriel Renan was just trying to dispose of his ill-gotten fortune when the mysterious stranger attacked him.

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Now he's been told he may become vampire if he cannot make it to the full moon without drinking blood. Easy enough. Or will the madn Vail the Unwanted is a pure-blooded vampire. But raised by Faery, he has neither home nor peace, and when his aid is sought in the recovery of a priceless diamond gown, his price is information. Specifically the whereabouts of his accursed father. Wanting to be a part of mankind, the angel fell -- losing his halo, the prize that held his earthbound soul.

Now Cooper must retrieve it. But wherever the Fallen walk, a Sinistari demon intent on slaying one is not far behind. Cooper knows he must be In Marie Antoinette's Paris, the beautiful vampire Viviane seeks a male patron who will a Let the battle for souls begin.

Sin eater, Desdenova Fleetwood dreamed of falling in love—but knew it could never happen to her. When the mysterious soul bringer, Blackthorn Regis, demands she give up her livelihood, the two question their very reas My name is Michael Donovan. I'm a halo hunter. And I want to believe. For ten years I've been collecting halos, lost when fallen angels purposefully left heaven to mate with human women.

But in all that time, I've never seen an angel. In Paris All her life Eden Campbell had dreamed of angels A muse, Eden was now to bear her attacker's offspring -- one who promised the apocalypse and foretold her death. Where else could She may resist his bite, but she can't resist his charms… Werewolf princess Blu Masterson won't allow her seductive vampire husband to consummate their marriage with his bite, marking her forever.

Alone in a secluded estate with her sworn enemy, B Belladonna Reynolds has just married a werewolf. Severo has given her nearly everything she could want--love, amazing sex, and the honor of choosing her as his mate for life. Yet there is one thing she craves that Severo will not give her: his blood Escaping from bloodthirsty vampires, Belladonna Reynolds ran straight into the arms of a werewolf. As a man Severo drew her in with his dark good looks; as a beast he astounded her with his insatiable sensual appetite.

Whether afraid or aroused, Bell Max Fitzroy, the legendary Highwayman, had slain scores of demons with a razorlike whip and a burning need for revenge. Now, to rid himself of the demon inside him--who'd cursed him with immortality and stolen all sensual pleasures--Max needed a witc A librarian by day and a tooth faery by night, Sidney has absolutely no time to find Mr. Until she flies smack dab into sexy, sun-bronzed Dart Sand, a man who makes her wings a-flutter Under the cover of night exists the dark and sensuous world of Midnight Cravingsa world conjured up in six seductive tales of paranormal passion.

After the devil Himself claims Ivan Drake's soul on his twenty-first birthday, the vampire phoenix has no choice but to enforce his wicked rule. But when the devil sends him to claim the Book of All Spells, the last thing Ivan expects is to square of When winter god and assassin Jal Frost's latest assignment targets mortal Kate Wilson, the last thing Jal anticipates is falling for his victim.

But she provides a warmth unlike anything he's known. Soon Jal faces his most vexing challenge as he must Or his enemies.


Michele Hauf

As he fought for survival, the only person Truvin could trust was an outsider to his world, an innocent foolish enough to nurse him back to health Truvin's past was one story Death cocktail is what the vampires call a witch's blood. It's poisonous--a drop will destroy a vampire within minutes. Nikolaus Drake is the rare vampire who has survived his first taste.

Now he's on the hu Recruited by a secret paranormal organization to hunt demons, Jack Harris never guessed the revenge he sought for his partner's death would be this complicated. Jack's worldview is bla The desire for knowledge draws Scarlet Rose to the dark side as she plunges deeper into the decadent world of vampirism-with or without her lover, Sebastian DelaCourte's approval. Wicked Angels twines medieval Spain, 18th Century Venice, and Centuries past, through mists of a dark time where vampires and witches lived side by side, vampires gained power by enthralling a witch, ultimately draining her of her strength and depriving her of immortality.