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Talk about sex outside of a sexual context. Talking about sex with your potential or current partners before the clothes come off can be a great way to keep clear-headed communication and consent thriving.

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Sexual interactions are vulnerable, exciting, and can get your body and brain functioning in all new ways. Make an aftercare plan. We know that consent, permission, and pre-sex talks are all important parts of a healthy sex life, but we can forget to think about what happens after we have sex besides water, a pee break , and snacks, of course.

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This is aftercare — or, how we like to be interacted with after sex has ended. Aftercare preferences can include what we want to do immediately after sex cuddle? Always keep it consensual. Consent starts with asking permission before any sexual touch or interaction begins, continues with checking in about how things are going, and ends with talking with each other about how the sexual interaction went overall so that feedback can be exchanged and any mistakes can be repaired. True, enthusiastic consent thrives in a space where each person feels free, clear-headed, and safe to speak up about what their No's, Yes-es, and Maybes are.

Hormones matter.

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Even though testosterone hormones can decrease your risk of unwanted pregnancy, folks on T can still become pregnant , so make sure to use condoms if sperm is likely to be in the mix. Estrogen hormones can slow sperm production, but if your body is still producing sperm, an egg-creating partner could still get pregnant , so put your favorite birth control method to work. Find safe people to talk to about any complicated feelings this may trigger rather than keeping them bottled up. But, they can also be used in other ways.

Condoms can be put on sex toys to help with easy clean-up, or if you want to share the toy with a partner without getting up to wash it just put on a fresh condom instead! Gloves are another important piece of latex or non-latex if you're allergic to keep Lube is your friend. Lube is a great addition to all kinds of sex, but comes highly recommended for certain kinds of sex.

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These admirable behaviors are something your teen will surely notice, and it will make them more likely to emulate the behavior as they drive. Teaching your teen to drive requires patience, commitment, and a positive attitude. Follow the below tips for providing them with a smooth and useful education to ensure solid driving skills:.

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As mentioned, teaching your teen the mechanics of driving a car can be an intimidating task. Be sure to pair your practice and teaching with them with a classroom style course on the rules of the road and street signs. You may also consider hiring a professional driving instructor to do road training with your teen.

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Keep in mind, this may be helpful to ease the nerves of your teen — and you — as they practice their skills behind the wheel. Besides being an effective role model and being stringent about driver education pave the pathway to a strong and confident teen driver, but the icing on the cake is utilizing technology to help solidify skills and keep your new driver safe.

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Not only that, but this easy-to-use program is also affordable, making it a great option for parents to aid in instilling safe driving habits in teens. This is the cause of bullys and school shootings. Parents facing the realities of kids growing up and moving out. Back Psychology Today.

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