The Abducted Faerie

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Fairies were believed to be frightened of iron, so a tongs was sometimes placed over the cradle.

The colour red was said to remind them of their fate on Judgment Day, so the colour red was believed to ward them off. Babies could also be sprinkled with holy water or, sometimes, urine, because fairies did not like dirty babies. In , Michael Cleary was charged with killing his wife Bridget, who he accused of being a fairy changeling.

Ethna And The Elfin King, Finvarra - The Fairy Glen Ireland - Faery Folklore

According to the transcript from the Irish Crime Records, which is kept in the National Archives, she went missing on the night of March One week later, after an extensive search, her body was found by police about three quarters of a mile from her house. After Bridget became seriously ill, her family said that she had been abducted by the fairies and replaced with a fairy changeling.

To drive the changeling away, they tortured her over a number of nights. Bridget died of her injuries. It was a most extraordinary and unusual case, particularly because folk custom and legend about fairy changelings clearly indicated that fairy changelings should never be harmed, only threatened: if the fairies had the real person with them, they may retaliate harshly if the humans harmed the changeling they had left behind. They are a circular enclosure surrounded by an earthen or stone bank and they were designed to protect your cattle at night time form cattle raiders and wolves.

The Faerie Lore of Ireland

As time passed people moved out into more open forms of habitation and it is said the fairies then moved in making these ring forts their new homes. They say the fairies are the greatest protectors of Irish archeology because farmers refuse to touch them. Fairy music was said to be the most beautiful music in the world and that when humans heard it they could not stop dancing, Lots of stories of girls being bought back to the fairy world and they start playing their beautiful music. The mischievous fairies, using humans for their entertainment!

Some return from fairy world and discover that years have passed what was for them but minutes in the fairy kingdom. Time being different in their world.

The tale of a foiled fairy abduction |

However a tree on its own in the middle of a field or a lone tree up the side of a hill , that is different. Anything that stood out was believed to have magical powers. Once again there are thousands of Fairy trees scattered around Ireland today on land that could be used for crops. They are left untouched because farmers are wary of cutting them down and upsetting the fairies.

The Women Who Claim to Have Seen Fairies

Bad luck will surely follow. When twilight falls and music calls, And magic al the world enthrals Come watch with me the hosts of shee Who dance beneath the fairy tree.

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