The Art of Paper Cutting

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Image courtesy the artist.

What is… Chinese paper-cut art? Art Radar explains

Paper-cutting appeared in West Asia in the eigth-ninth centuries, and in Turkey in the sixteenth century. A century later, paper-cut art was being done in most of middle Europe.

The art was then brought to Colonial America by immigrants in the eigtheenth century. There are two methods to the art form: one using scissors, the other knives. In both, several layers of paper are cut together to achieve intricate patterns. In contemporary paper-cut art, artists sometimes combine paper-cutting with other media and materials such as paint, installation and light boxes to create additional effects.

The Art of Paper Cutting - Pays-d'Enhaut (Switzerland)

Image from jaunted. Chinese paper-cut artist Qiao Xiaoguang b. Site-specific public arts installation for the Grand Central Terminal to celebrate its th anniversary. Xin Song b.

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Her decoupage is a reflection on the creation, the perception and the appropriation of the image in our societies in which communication is more and more visual. Image from designboom.

Easy Paper Cutting Craft Design

Hailing from Japan, Nahoko Kojima b. The bear was cut from a single sheet of three-by-three metres washi paper that the artist crumpled beforehand to achieve an uneven, faceted texture. Also from Japan, Kako Ueda b. The craft has been practiced across cultures since as far back as the 6th century in China a country that also is credited with making the first paper , and in recent years the work of contemporary artists has been pushing paper cutting into the spotlight as not just a craft but an art.

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It's hard to narrow down the field of practicing paper cutters to just a dazzling handful, but we've chosen the following 8 artists to showcase various ways paper-cut art can take shape. If we've missed your favorite, add it in the comments. And for more information about contemporary paper cutting, check out the book, Paper Cutting: Contemporary Artists, Timeless Craft — its cover is by yet another amazing paper-cut artist, Elsa Mora. Most paper cut work has a structural element to it, but Danish artist Peter Callasen really likes to play with the idea of 3-D forms rising from flat, everyday white paper , as illustrated above in detail of his piece, Distant Wish , In his artist statement, Callasen explains that "By taking away all the information and starting from scratch using the blank white A4 paper sheet for my creations, I feel I have found a material that we are all able to relate to ….

Her pieces are often large and feel as much like hanging sculptures as they do paper art. Even when its size overtakes the viewer, the work still feels ephemeral and delicate.

Step 2: Changing the Blade

Born in Hong Kong and now living in Los Angeles, artist Bovey Lee creates intricate multifaceted works that contain tiny surprises. In the above Ribbon Dancer, the city scene hides details like a woman dancing and a skateboarder. She works with rice paper, a reflection of her Chinese heritage, and finds inspiration in Chinese calligraphy, which she also practices. It's hard to believe her pieces are from a single piece of paper, and her use of black paper means she's essentially working in reverse, giving her work the look of a sharp wood-block print.

She's written and illustrated several children's books, including Waiting for High Tide , which follows a boy searching the beach for treasures as he waits for the tide so he can swim.