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Confirm email. Twitter will then ask you confirm your email. Check your email for the confirmation, and click on the link in the email from Twitter. Tip: When you are customizing your Twitter account, keep your handle, profile photo, background image and bio consistent with your company brand, and social media marketing strategy. Add character. Your photo is how you appear in your Tweets to your followers. It gives your account an identity. The maximum file size for your photo is MB. Upload header.

Your header shows up as the background to your Twitter photo. Again, keep you Twitter header branded. It shows up on mobile too, so it is important to include this in your Twitter account. Add website. Include your business website, so that your Twitter followers can easily click through to your website. Tip: As you develop more followers on Twitter, and you are using Twitter to market certain social sites, or special promotions, you can change always change this website to direct your Twitter traffic to particular landing pages.

Add your bio.

Best Practices in Using Twitter for Business - Business 2 Community

You have characters maximum to tell the world about your business. Be succinct. Tip: In your bio, add something personal or quirky about your company. As in most social media platforms, adding a personal touch resonates with your audience, and customers are more likely to follow you if they see your personality shine through. The promotional element of the tweet sent out by Twitter users enables it to gather the most likes and the most retweets garnering more revenue for Twitter in the process.

Apart from the tweet itself, the entire Twitter account serves as a revenue generator for Twitter on its own level. Many famous figures eventually secure a verified status which establishes their trust with their followers. Twitter is a medium that is driven by its trending topics that are pioneered by hashtags. Users scramble to click and participate in these hashtags thereby increasing more traffic for the site. This allows Twitter to accumulate more revenue for its website and thrive accordingly.

Twitter has competed extensively with other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram in order to generate maximum traffic. Approximately 86 percent of total revenue comes from Advertisement. Many business models seek to increase their finances through advertisement, but only a handful like twitter or Uber have succeeded in doing so.

Twitter in and of itself is a promotional hemisphere for brands and businesses alike. The tweets it allows users to receive help these respective companies to reach out to a new customer and expand their base. Twitter users are exposed to different kinds of tweets on their feed. But thanks to the verified handles, they can confirm the authenticity of those brands and are more receptive as a result. The point is to get more viewers and allow them to explore different ad campaigns in order for them to be marketed at an accelerated pace especially if they can go viral.

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Any preferred or favorite tweet can then be liked or retweeted allowing the company to garner more users. Promoted accounts especially those that are verified or confirmed to be authentic enable users to trust and access their promotional tweets and follow them accordingly. The more followers they receive, the more they grow in popularity.

This drives the viral element of the business and allows Twitter to become a marketing business entity of its own kind.

Everything that trends online whether its entertainment, politics or business enters into the hashtag section of Twitter. The more the users respond to whatever is trending online, the more they will be receptive to the product or service being offered.

Part 1 - How to create a Twitter account for your business - [ Twitter Business Page Setup ]

Every user wants to be kept updated and on top. They retweet and even subscribe to avoid being kept out of the loop. They can come from any location depending on the choice of residence of the user. All promoted trends have their version of tweets that are in turn promoted by users.

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Twitter is a microblogging tool. You can only send short quips and updates to your subscribers. I have found you get more followers and better response if you "micro Twitter.

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Twitter Account

For example, if you send a newsletter out to different types of customers, you might do better to give selected customer groups their own Twitter feed. Your Tweets are more likely to be read and reTweeted when a message hits home. Remember, any account you set up will need to be active, monitored, and serve a purpose to be a successful business tool. Try to limit your Twitter accounts to no more than two or three to avoid confusing your customers about which Tweets they should be following.

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Plus, the more accounts you have, the more work you create for yourself. It is almost impossible to bloviate on Twitter, given its extreme limitations on how many characters you can Tweet, but it is important to separate your business from personal Tweeters by sticking to relevant, timely, and important business updates. For the most part, your customers will probably not care if your photocopier is down again.

Or that all your employees are wearing jeans on casual dress day. But they will be happy to hear you are offering 15 percent off this week only for walk-in customers. The best rule of thumb for business Twitter is that if you don't have something interesting to say, it is better to not Tweet until you do. The Balance Careers uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.

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