Vision of The Future - How Science Will Shape The World By The Year of 2030-2050?

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The 3 key skill sets for the workers of 2030

Plane manufacturer, Airbus, recently predicted the development of travel trends over the next 50 years and their planes look like something out of a sci-fi film. According to the company, passengers will be able to relax in massage seats that serve drinks and vitamins, as well as provide either a sea breeze or fresh pine scent.

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Sound showers will help ensure the perfect night's sleep, while special shades will help block out the light. Plane manufacturer, Airbus, believes that planes in will be made of panoramic windows.

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  • Such stunning windows will make for degrees views of the world's wonders and attractions. But if you prefer a view, the plane will also be made up of panoramic windows that can turn transparent at the wave of a hand.

    7 amazing technologies we'll see by 2030

    And bonus: such a degree view would offer incredible views of world wonders and attractions. Taking a page from some long-haul carriers, bars will also become more prevalent on flights, while pop-up pods will offer private spaces.

    Outlook for Energy: A perspective to 2040

    Airbus research also suggests that every flight in the world could, on average, be around 13 minutes shorter, which would save millions of tonnes of excess fuel annually. In the next few decades, aircraft interiors will bear little resemblance to the packed cabins of today. Bars are expected to become more prevalent on flights, as well as socialisation pop-up pods. It's believed that space travel will impact holidays of the future, becoming a reality for luxury seekers. Skyscanner's The Future of Travel Report, however, focuses a great deal more on the ways that space travel will impact holidaymakers' future journeys.

    By , they estimate that space travel will be a reality for ultra-luxury travellers and perhaps by , it will become even more mainstream. In the report, futurist Daniel Burrus says: 'We will be able to book more affordable trips into space where we can go up there and stay long enough to enjoy. Whether or not we end up colonising on the moon, Skyscanner's Filip Filipov points out that the possibility of flying in low orbital space will radically cut inter-continental flight times.

    And if the same technology can be applied in commercial aviation, long-haul flights may cease entirely.

    15 Ways The World Will Be Awesome In - Business Insider

    In the next century, the sky is the limit - quite literally. According to researchers at the Future Laboratory and their new report, Sustainable Holiday Futures, giant airships, man-made mobile islands and intelligent hotel rooms will all be commonplace in the next years.

    Imagine a coastline with floating resorts that can move from destination to destination. This is precisely the future if Thomson Holidays has anything to say about it. Sustainability will be an 'integral' part of every holiday as early as , the report continues, with some claims that artificial islands may even produce their own food and water.

    This idea of zero-impact travel, in which resorts may look like cruise ships in the sky, will leave no environmental trace whatsoever. Man-made mobile islands will be commonplace in the next years as will the idea of zero-impact travel.

    Food-demand projections

    In hotel rooms, everything will be automated and highly-personalised. Many hotels have already begun to roll out iPad-controlled lights, sound and room service features and that will only grow in popularity in the coming decades. But futurologist Ian Pearson predicts the that the hotel room of tomorrow will take this technology a step further. In his opinion, we can expect hotel bedrooms to incorporate pillows with sleep-aiding massage technology and holographic wall systems that will project personal trainers or even friends and family in 3D.

    And we may not even need planes at all! Teleportation could be a regular occurrence by And forget long-haul flights to get where you need to be. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.