When Dreams Tremble

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The unexpected appearance of much-changed town ero girl Devon Weber, with whom Leslie shares a secret that haunts them both, rekindles an old heart ache—and reminds Leslie of just why she left. Even though her attraction to Dev comes roaring back, the one thing Leslie doesn't want is to pick up where they left off, especially not when she already has just the life she wants—a rewarding high-power law practice, a condo in Manhattan, and a lover who satisfies her without demanding the intimacy Leslie avoids.

Unfortunately, environmental biologist Devon Weber doesn't play by Leslie's rules. I really loved this book, and not only because I enjoyed the relationships. This book brought home some of the best summers of my life, spent in the Adirondacks. It was full of lush descriptions and wonderful settings that I hold sacred to this day. I was worried that this story might be heading in the wrong direction at the beginning, but as the novel continued I found myself falling for Dev, in a big way.

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Of course, Les took a bit longer, and their standoffish approach to their Close to home. Of course, Les took a bit longer, and their standoffish approach to their relationship was classic 'Rad'. And what would a Radclyffe romance be without a last minute drama, to spike the love between these two. I'm kind of glad I read Heartland before I read this, even though the two are connected only marginally. A good read. Aug 30, Arina Duggins rated it it was amazing. Great book! Feb 09, Fin rated it really liked it Shelves: gblt , romance.

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For me this is probably Radclyffe's best book that I've read so far. Generally for me with this type of book it's all about believable. I need the book to be believable enough that I'm not thrown out of the story while reading. This book does that very well. I also thought she did a great job in this book of relaying the depth of emotion the two main characters were feeling without a bunch of unrealistic, manufactured angst.

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  7. Leslie and Devon were friends in high school and more than friends. On For me this is probably Radclyffe's best book that I've read so far. On a night just days before Leslie is to leave for college, a series of life altering events take place that change both women and who they eventually become. For Leslie, these events cause her to run from her life and re-invent herself as almost a complete opposite of who she was raised to be.

    For Devon, it is the motivator to make something of her life. From there, the story follows the predictable path one might expect in a romance novel.

    When Dreams Tremble by Radclyffe | Waterstones

    What sets it apart is the writing. The author taps into and is able to convey how much Devon loves Leslie. She is able to tap into and sell how Leslie's present life is a direct result of her decisions from all those years ago. It is believable IMO and that's what ultimately makes it work.

    May 15, Megzz rated it really liked it Shelves: best-friends-in-love , vanilla , heart-wrenching , hot , soulmates. Sweet story of first love lost and rekindled. Typical Radclyffe with chemistry, great characters, steamy sex, and a lot of angst. But different from her series Less action.

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    A real focus on feelings. I would have liked to read more about them as teenagers because I really enjoyed the flashbacks. Also, I know Radclyffe loves drama, but she went a little overboard no pun intended with that last stunt at the end. Didn't really see the point And the sources of angst in gener Sweet story of first love lost and rekindled. And the sources of angst in general, in this one, are not that convincing. They've loved each other their whole life, and still, when they find each other again, they find stupid reasons not to be together.

    But well Jul 18, Catherine rated it liked it Shelves: lgbtq , fiction. You can tell that it is summer, I am catching up on my lesbian romances. I am also feeling generous with my ratings. I am also wondering why I waited so long to read Radclyffe. So, here is my one critique really feeling like a bit of a schmuck for critiquing a romance , I could have done without the repeated hashing over the feelings they had for each other every time they saw each other. This didn' You can tell that it is summer, I am catching up on my lesbian romances. This didn't stop me from ordering more of her titles -- I still have a month left before vacation is over.

    Sep 10, Indy rated it really liked it. Very cute. Reminds me a lot of me..

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    Saying one thing but thinking with more details. The rekindled so to speak love between these two is inspiring in a way. I wish it would have ended a little differently but I still liked it regardless. Aug 14, Courtney Brubaker-Zolman rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Totally relatable. Author does a fantastic job of portraying old feelings and barriers.

    Not just a book with sex right off the bat as a main goal.

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    Jan 23, Gabrielle rated it really liked it Shelves: ff. Good story. Typical Radclyffe. Hot and Steamy. Jan 27, Erin rated it really liked it Shelves: favorites. One of my favorites by Radclyffe.

    Aug 20, Kristi rated it liked it. This one was not one of my favorites by Radclyffe. The writing was not up to par as her other books that she has written Jan 06, Whoopy rated it really liked it. It was my first Radclyffe book and I liked it. It was a light and nice, warming read.


    When Dreams Tremble

    Looking forward to the next one. Nov 09, Svetlana Wesley rated it it was amazing. One of the best of Radcliffe after Loves melody lost. Feb 09, Kristen Doherty rated it really liked it. What a sweet story Oct 20, Patrizia rated it really liked it Shelves: lesbian-fiction. Best book until now by Radclyffe. Shareholders and investors. BBVA in the World. BBVA Results. Financial calendar. Latest news. BBVA Podcast. Microfinance Foundation 08 Mar Throughout history, there have been many women who have dared to dream and have managed to open doors that seemed resolutely closed These and other brave women took the first steps that would permit more women to go to university.

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