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I like myself some critical out of the box thinking, but once we see evil in literally everything, we might want to take a good look at ourselves. Thanks a lot for your input. I've tried to address your point in the comment below. My view is that although there may be a number of good decentralized privacy coins out there, the intent will be to slowly scrap these types of coins and get the masses on coins that are centralized, controlled, and run by corporate, government, and big money interests.

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They have trillions of dollars to lose. Trust me, they will not let this money leave their hands unless it means they are going to make much more somewhere else. They also won't allow control of the world to leave their hands either. This is chump change for them. Thanks a lot X-. I certainly believe that cryptos have been seeded to get us all into digital currencies. This has always been part of the "Great Work" plan, but they needed either a carrot, a stick, or both to get us there. What better way to get the populace on to cryptos then to seed them, and then to pump them behind the scenes while allowing a lot of people to get rich off of them.

Of course the already impoverished populace would flock to them. Why wouldn't they? Add to this the fact that the governments other than China - which is temporary have not really interfered with cryptos at all. This is not just a coincidence. They would never allow this unless it was part of the agreed plan at a higher level. Sure, they'll throw up a bit pushback now and then to keep up the show, but I'm convinced they know it's all part of the plan. So the typical counter-argument will be that cryptos are all about freedom and decentralization.

Let's take Bitcoin as an example. Bitcoin is decentralized in theory, but almost all the miners are concentrated in a few major mining groups in China. This isn't decentralization, it's domination. Ethereum is very centralized despite what they want people to believe. Bitcoin Cash is even worse than Bitcoin. Ripple is absolutely centralized. These are the top coins in the marketplace. No wonder they get so much attention and money - they are all already fully controlled.

Sure there are a number of other excellent coins that are not controlled in the same manner, but they are peanuts in size comparison. This is not a coincidence. My belief is that the cryptos are needed as part of the grand plan for a global technocratic dystopian state that "the powers that shouldn't be" have planned for us. Those that want to go deeper down the rabbit hole can read more about what that future dystopian state looks like here.

I'm not against cryptos by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm also not deceived by the true long term plan for them either. Thanks and keep up the good work. It is a funny coin, no doubt. I wonder if it's agenda is to give people doubts about crypto in general I think it's their agenda to slowly let the cat out of the bag as to who the people running our world including the crypto markets really are and who they really worship - as depressing as that is to say.

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I guess you are talking about 'externalizing the hierarchy'. I still don't see why it would be a good move to push at least potentially decentralizing technology. But that's ok. We don't have to agree. I see your concerns, though.

The reason for allowing decentralizing technology is that this is one of the carrots they are using to get people to come along. It is also part of the Hegelian Dialectic where they always run both extremes. They will largely remove this carrot at some point. The masses are so hopelessly unaware of the value of decentralization that they will easily accept other centralized cryptos without thinking twice about it. Just think about how many people use Facebook and Google without thinking about the Orwellian nature of them.

These people won't give a shit as long as the crypto you give them is "cool" and all their friends use it. This is how the decentralized crypto technology will be mostly wiped away. One other point to note.

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Most of the "code is law" bullshit is just that, bullshit. Ethereum proved this. The big crypto platforms will break their word whenever it is convenient. This includes breaking the original decentralization principles that they claim they are founded upon. Bitcoin is being corrupted a different way, but it's still happening over time. I'm not saying the scenario you describe is absurd, it is not.

I'm saying it is only speculation at this point. Time will tell, friend. Yes, we do. I for one believe that the great battles of this war are fought inside of ourselves Image: pixabay. Want a boost? Click here to read more! Privacy Policy Terms of Service.

I Can't Make This Up Quotes

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My story. Poetry, fiction, and creative non fiction including memoir, personal essay, academic, experimental. And no one is allowed to take away your right to your property, your right to your safety, or your right to be yourself. Those are things that should be defended. Dammit, I think I wrote this one wrong. Others will tell you to listen and then prove them wrong, which worked for me in those first shows. It was just waiting for me to find it. And the challenge was not to give up on myself just because it seemed like everyone else was pulling ahead of me—and leaving me further and further behind in the months that followed.

Can you not fit in and still accept yourself? Can you lose everything and still keep searching?

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Can you be in the dark and still believe in the light? So you can either resent and resist it, and make it that much less enjoyable, or you can accept it and find something positive in it. What is commitment?